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So I've been home for a little less than a week and I already want to kill myself. I was kind of excited to come home and see my friends for the briefest amount of time, then once I actually got inside Lancaster city limits the suicidal thoughts started creeping back. Lancaster is a good place to grow up and a good place to leave. Thank god I have four more days before I can escape to the Bahamas! Yay!

Otherwise, things have been fairly good to me so far. The only main thing is being bored out of my mind, jobless, and missing Daniel. I expected all three though, so I'm coping fairly well.

I've been helping out with track for the past few days, feel like I'm going to die because of it too. I never realized how horribly out of shape I really was. Every muscle in me hurts (it hurts to sneeze, that's how sore I am) and I have a gargantuan knot in my left calf. It's kind of funny because I can walk and all, but it looks like I underwent massive amount of physical therapy in order to do so. Gahh. Pain beyond pain. Oh well. I deserve it.

I can't wait for Bonnaroo in a month. I'm kind of excited, no, REALLY excited to be going. I think a couple of guys from my dorm are going as well, so it'd be cool to meet up with them if I could. That would make life easier.

I miss the sun. : ( It looks rainy and drizzly outside right now. Sunshine on Sunday though! Yayayay.
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