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I'm going to Bonnaroo this summer. I'm beyond ecstatic. I ended up somehow scoring a job working there, which means I get to go for free to see the shows AND get paid AND get a really awesome resume booster for my future career in entertainment management.

This summer is looking up to be a good one.

I'm really happy with how I've changed over the past few months. Starting college has put a new perspective on things for me. I think I'm happier now, without having to continually worry about track, GPA, or friends. I get to do what I want to an extent, and be with the people I chose to be with.

I've also met a lot of people who've affected me, and changed me for what I think is the better. Daniel, certainly. But also Rob and Jon Satin. Rob for opening me up into an entirely new subculture of music and art, and Jon for helping me open up out of my shell more, and being spontaneous and doing things that make me happy.

I think moving to the south was a good thing for me as well. I've realized that I'm a northern girl through and through, and it'll take a lot to change that. I say my vowels nasally, I don't drawl, I'm lucky to get a shower before noon, and I hate dressing up every day. But I'm happy with myself for that. I dunno what I would do if I woke up every morning and had to get dressy and wear pearls.

Now, with two weeks left to my freshman year, I'm hoping that this summer will bring an even bigger window of opportunity for me. For once, this summer will be entirely about what I want to do, and not trying to please somebody else.
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