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So Harry Potter was the most important thing that happened this week, and so that comes first on my list. I love the last book and the 5th movie is so far my favorite since I thought the 3rd and 4th movies sucked balls. Rory kept on making fun of me for it, but I don't care if he thinks I'm a nerd for being obsessed with a boy wizard but I am. I have spent 10 years with Harry Potter. I remember getting it the first week it came out because Mr. Pieper and the library lady said that it was supposed to be good. I was hooked after that. And now, finishing the series with Harry turning 17 and I'm going to be 17 and he's at his final year and I'm at my final year it was all just really good. I loved it. Love love loved it. Rory and John were passing through Detroit and the talk show hosts were having people call in saying how fast they read the book in. Before they called the previous fastest time was 11 hours and they called in and said I read it in 7 hours and I guess the DJ's were shocked. It made me feel good and Rory and John had fun with it I guess.

Summer's been good. Cross Country had been really good lately. Right now the top five is Dianna, Abbey, Katie, Me and Gina. I'm so proud of Katie though, she's been running so well. The first week in August starts two-a-days and that's when I'll be in Florida so it won't be very fun running down there. I think I'll make Rory run with me. 

College vists have been alright. I didn't like Miami as much as I thought I would and I liked Butler more than I had imagined. After looking at more schools though, USC is starting to become my top choice. They have a decent law program, an amazing study abroad program and the honors program there is supposed to be phenomenal. But I got in contact with the Florida track coach and I guess they're somewhat interested in me because I could compete in the heptahalon since they don't have any heptahletes. I'm waiting for them to call me back and maybe I can get in touch with them when I go to visit Florida. I'm so excited. August will be a very busy month. It's Florida from August 1-9, then XC camp from August 10-13, then Canada fro, August 14-20. That leaves me two days to get ready for school. How exciting!

I have so much community service I should get an award.

Oh, and also. I think I lost something at Rory's house.
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